At the frontier of change, our Team believes we are a component in making the impact on our global surroundings through better thinking considering the delicate system dynamics involved! We are the team at ICS GROUP, rapidly transiting the Knowledge Worker Age!


ICS, Innovative Component Solutions Group, provides Solutions to the strategic core sectors including the Medical Sciences, Energy, Water, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Steel and other critical infrastructure segments.


Combining over half a century of Design, Engineering & Manufacturing excellence, the group has constantly evolved on the wisdom and Vision of synergizing thru its most critical asset, the human resource.


Along with our domestic and international joint venture partners in the global village, we are relentlessly advocating a focus on meeting the ever challenging demands and needs of the core strategic sectors considering the enormous impact of Information & Communications Technology, ICT, effecting the emerging technologies and revolutionizing such critical sectors as Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Energy, Water, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals at an unprecedented rate! ICS has a solid belief, within the next decade, changes upon us, will exceed those in a millennia!